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Uge Lystfiskeri
3 attractive angling lakes + children’s lake cove-ring a total of 14 hectares and situated in lovely, peaceful surroundings. At the lakes there are tables and benches. Covered fish-clean......See more
Hedensted Put & Take
Five lovely lakes totalling 30,000 m² in a beautiful area, well-protected from the wind. Special children’s lake with a great many small trout that give children up to 9 years of age a g......See more
Ellemose Put & Take
Ellemose Put & Take lies in beautiful rolling countryside near Hygum Hills, 7 km northwest of Lemvig, towards Thyborøn. The lake is approx. 6,000 m², with varying depths of up to 6 metres. D......See more
Gøttrup Fiskepark
Gøttrup Fiskepark is one of Denmark’s largest and loveliest put & take angling parks. In a large area of more than 100,000 m² there lies a big lake, surrounded by lovely countryside with are......See more
HP’s Fiskesø
Crystal-clear water, rich fauna and putting out of many different varieties of trout make the lake a great experience for every angler. The lake has been laid out in a reestablished 2.6 ha l......See more
Djurs Fiskepark
Djurs Fiskepark is located in the former trout pond farm area in Fannerup. In the re-established beautiful river valley two large lakes have been laid out as well as a smaller children’s lak......See more
Arrild Fiskesø
Welcome to Arrild Fiskesø Arrild Fiskesø is a private facility for anglers and fly fishermen. Of course, also anglers and those who want to be, welcome. 2 lakes with a total area of ​​17......See more
Nyvangs Fiskesøer
The angling lakes are laid out in a low-lying area with natural springs at the bottom of the lakes, making the water clear. Care has been taken not to spoil the area by any unsightly bui......See more
Skyggehale put and take
Skyggehale Put & Take was opened in 1990. The area is stretched on app. 43.000m2 and expanded in ‘99 to 3 lakes, constituting a total of 15.000 m2. • Lake 1 is app. 5.600 m2 • lake 2 ......See more
Oxriver is located by the village No close to Ringkøbing. With its six lakes and more than 1000 meters long stream, Oxriver is one of the biggest and most beautiful Put & Takes in Denmark. F......See more
Volstrup Fiskepark
Volstrup Fiskepark was laid out in 1993 in a meadow area that now supplies the lake with fresh water. The angling lake lies in a, incredibly beautiful peaceful area that has a fine view of S......See more
Hvirring Fiskesø
A lovely place for the whole family HVIRRING FISKESØ lies in a beautiful area with rustic scenery. The lakes have been laid out in a re-established gravel-pit area and they open in autumn 20......See more
Blue Rock Fiskepark
Blue Rock Fishing park, Denmark’s largest, with total area of approx. 18 ha, compromising two lakes, one children’s lake and a 1.5 km long fly-fishing stream. The lake water is clear gro......See more
An idyllic excursion destination in Vejle Ådal – Spring-water angling with fine trout. The angling eldorado, with its 4 spring-water lakes in the river valley of Vej le Ådal, is the place wh......See more
Serritslev Fiskepark
Serritslev Fiskepark lies in the lovely Nørreådal valley between Serritslev and Brønderslev in beautiful rolling countryside. There are three lakes, covering 25,000 m² and with a total shore......See more
Bækhuse Put and Take
Bækhuse fisk & ferie is a very beautiful location in southwestern Jutland, north of Varde, a few kilometres from Henne Strand. There are two lovely lakes covering an area of approx. 13,000 m......See more
Bjerrely Fiskesø
Bjerrely Fiskesø is Denmark’s first green angling lake with organic quality trout from approved Danish organic fish farms. The keywords are: Ecology, Nature, Fish Well-Being, Environment......See more
Grindsted Fiskesø
• 8,500 m² lake • 250 m stretch of river • Vending machine for angling permits • Fish put out daily: 0.8-10 kg • Tables & benches • Invalid-friendly • Fish-cleaning facilities • Terra......See more
Foersum Teglværkssøer
Put & Take in natural splendor near Tarm. Foersum Teglværkssøer welcome you to a unique quality angling experience. 2 deep and well groomed lakes of 35.000 and 5000 m² in natural splendor. M......See more
Midtfyns Put & Take
You will find Midtfyns Put and Take in beautiful surroundings at Sallinglunde (near Ringe). The lake is 55,000 m², with extremely clean water. We have planted trees by the lake to provi......See more
Christianshøj Put & Take
Attractive, friendly angling venue in beautiful surroundings, with stretches of moorland and woodland. The lake is approx. 7,000 m², the depth varying from 1-3 metres, with a natural pop......See more
Vester Mølle Put & Take
Comprises three lakes: natural lake of 25,000 m², new lake of 6,500 m² and children’s lake. Fish from 0.6-8 kg are put out daily. Tables and benches have been put up by the lakes. There is a......See more
Løkken Fiskepark
Løkken Fiskepark covers an area of over 6 hectares, only 2.5 km from Løkken, which lies on the main road to Ålborg. It is a unique nature area, where the two large lakes are linked by a wide......See more
Nørreris Put and Take
Nørreris Put & Take is situated in a particularly lovely area in beautiful South Himmerland. There is a view of Hjarbæk fjord only 600 metres away as well as woodland, meadowland and a go......See more
Tusaagaard Put & Take
Four lovely lakes and a river Put on your old sweater and go on an angling outing in the lovely river valley of Karup Ådal. Here lies Tusaagaard Put and Take, with four lakes covering a ......See more
Hvilested Lystfiskersøer
Two beautifully situated natural lakes surrounded by wooded hills. Throughout the area runs the V. Nebel Å river, with the chance of catching sea trout. Our lakes are stocked with mostly......See more
Klegod Fiskesø
In the lovely dunes of Holmsland Klit, between Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea, you will find Klegod Fiskesø (5 km north of Hvide Sande). In two lakes over 12,000 m² you will surely have ......See more
Filskov Lystfiskersø
The lakes feature a service building with an anglers’ room, fish-cleaning facility, toilets, shower, freezer, vending machines for sweets and beverages (hot and cold) and fishing tackle, etc......See more
Rødekro Fiskepark
Rødekro Fiskepark is a fantastic nature area, with 3 lakes for daily angling. Mainly rainbow trout, but also river and brook trout, zander, pike and eel. Lake no. 4 is only for groups – ......See more
Gunderup Fiskesø
Gunderup Fiskesø comprises two lakes of 7,000 m² and 10,000 m² respectively, which have a depth of 6-7 metres. The lakes lie in a lovely nature area, close to woodland and to a summer cottag......See more
Frueskov Lystfiskersø kruså
Frueskov Lystfiskersø lies in a lovely, tranquil area close to woodland and shore (Flensborg Fjord). The two lakes total 17,000 m², and one of these is a children’s lake with a depth of 4......See more
Fyns Fiskevand
Come and experience our four fine angling lakes, with approx. 55,000 m² of crystal-clear water and lots of fish. Situated only 12 km from Odense and in beautiful rolling countryside wher......See more