Lake Detail

Blue Rock Fiskepark
Opening Hours
Opening hours: The lake is open all year round and from sunrise until sunset.
Blue Rock Fishing park, Denmark’s largest,
with total area of approx. 18 ha, compromising
two lakes, one children’s lake and a
1.5 km long fly-fishing stream. The lake
water is clear groundwater, with depths down to
20 metres, so we can guarantee healthy and tasty
fish. The lake has its own fish farm, so 1-9 kg saltwater
farmed fish are put out daily, and for 55% of
turnover. So there are always plenty of fish to be
caught, and live fish can be bought from the fish
At the lakes you will find all the necessary facilities
and a luxury log cabin with men’s and ladies
toilet, living room, bathroom, cleaning table,
fridge/freezer, grill etc. The lakes are based in
deep valleys where there are always good places
with shelter. Along the lake shores there are many
large boulders, which provide excellent fishing
grounds and adorn the 38 hectare scenic area.
Our motto is:
Expect quality!
- Otherwise you are helping to endanger quality!
Put & Take
Timer Voksen DKK/€
2 timer 100/14
3 timer 130/18
4 timer 160/22
6 timer 210/28
8 timer 250/34
Timer Voksen DKK/€
2 timer 120/16
3 timer 160/22
4 timer 200/27
6 timer 280/38
8 timer 350/47
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