Lake Detail

Fyns Fiskevand
Opening Hours
Open all year from sunrise to sunset at near freezing of the lakes
Come and experience our four fine angling
lakes, with approx. 55,000 m² of
crystal-clear water and lots of fish.
Situated only 12 km from Odense and in
beautiful rolling countryside where you can always
count on finding shelter. We give priority to quality
and service, and daily put out various species of
trout of up to 9 kg.
The lakes are well-suited for fly fishing as there is
plenty of room around the lakes. We also have a
fantastic children’s lake that is brimful of child-size
fish, so there is every chance that the kids will be
able to come home with a big experience!
Facilities: In our visitors’ building you have access
to toilets, communal room, cleaning area and
scales. We sell tackle and refreshments from our
on-site van. We also offer hire of complete angling
rod for only DKK 50 per day. Round the lakes and
the visitors’ building there are lawns with tables
and benches, grill, refuse bins, etc. Large groups
are also welcome. Our large, heated party room
has tables and benches, a fridge/freezer and grill,
can seat 80+ people and is the perfect setting for
the big company event or a family excursion. Click
in and find out more at or follow us on
Facebook, where we and our visitors share stories
and show off their fine catches.
We look forward to welcoming you!
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod Voksen DKK/€
2 t/s/h 100/13
3 t/s/h 125/17
4 t/s/h 150/20
6 t/s/h 200/27
8 t/s/h 250/33
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod Børn u12 DKK/€
2 t/s/h 60/8
3 t/s/h 70/9
4 t/s/h 80/11
6 t/s/h 100/13
8 t/s/h 120/16
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