Lake Detail

You will find Midtfyns Put and Take in
beautiful surroundings at Sallinglunde
(near Ringe).
The lake is 55,000 m², with extremely
clean water. We have planted trees by the lake to
provide shelter, which makes it highly suitable for
fly fishing.
We put out rainbow trout, brook trout and golden
trout every week. The fish weigh up to 11 kg.
At the lake are tables and benches, a grill and barbecue
area, covered shelter, cleaning table with
sink, toilet, freezer, tables and benches. There is
also a covered terrace with benches for 55 people.
Good parking facilities close to the lake.
Concessions for children under 12. There is a small
play area for the youngest children and primitive
camping is possible.
Please contact us in advance if you wish to hold a
large-scale event.
We are open from sunrise to sunset all year round.
See our website for further information. It is possible
to rent fishing rods.
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours Voksen DKK/€
2 t/s/h 100/15 (max 3 fisk )
4 t/s/h 130/19 (max 5 fisk)
6 t/s/h 190/27 (max 7 fisk)
8 t/s/h 240/34 (max 8 fisk)
Tillægstimer/ Zusätzliche Stunden/ Extra Hours 50 kr
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours Børn DKK/€
2 t/s/h 60/9 (max 2 fisk)
4 t/s/h 80/12 (max 3 fisk)
6 t/s/h 90/13 (max 3 fisk)
8 t/s/h 90/13 (max 3 fisk)
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