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Frueskov Lystfiskersø kruså
Children's Lake Price
Catch guarantee and catch limit 5 fish
Fly Fish Price
The lake is suitable for fly fishing
Opening Hours
Facebook Instagram Frueskov_widefish_big Open all year round, also when there is ice. We try to keep the lakes free of ice.
Frueskov Lystfiskersø lies in a lovely, tranquil
area close to woodland and shore (Flensborg
Fjord). The two lakes total 17,000 m², and one
of these is a children’s lake with a depth of 4
metres; the other has a depth of 6 metres. Here various
varieties of trout are put out 1-5 times daily, from 0.8-11
kg. The lakes are extremely well laid out and have many
facilities, including covered seating/standing areas,
benches, tables, barbecue area, play area for children,
toilets and free use of fish-cleaning facilities. You can
buy your angling permit at the lake’s kiosk, which also
sells food items as well as various types of fishing tackle.
Apart from various varieties of trout, other species such
as wild salmon, zander and eel are also put out. The lakes
are maintained using biological agents. You can hire rods
and we can freeze your catch for you. For a small charge,
you can take a shower. Completely new indoor toilets
with shower facilities for men, women and disabled persons.
Fish-cleaning facility. Overnight stopovers possible,
with electricity supply. If you wish a stopover elsewhere,
we can help you arrange other forms of
accommodation. There is a fish guarantee for the children’s
lake: ask at the kiosk is there is a fish guarantee in
the children’s lake ‘today’. If you require other variants
of, for example, rods/hours – just consult our rates at: or phone 22414979.
Directions: from the Danish-German border crossing
B200 at Kruså, take route 170. Drive approx. 5.6 km (direction
Sønderborg). Turn right along Frueskovvej, drive
approx. 200 m, turn right to get to Frueskov Lystfiskersø.
From inside Denmark, take exit 74 (Kruså) of the E45 towards
route 170/Flensborg N.
Prices incl. VAT
Time Adults 1 rod
3 19,0€
4 23,0€
5 26,0€
6 29,0€
7 32,0€
8 34,0€
9 37,0€
10 38,0€
Day pass 15 hours 48,0€
Pensionister Tilbud
Prices incl. VAT
Time Adults 2 rods
3 23,0€
4 28,0€
5 36,0€
6 41,0€
7 46,0€
8 48,0€
9 52,0€
10 54,0€
Day pass 15 hours 62,0€
Pensionister Tilbud
Prices incl. VAT
Time Adults 3 rods
3 34,0€
4 41,0€
5 46,0€
6 50,0€
7 51,0€
8 54,0€
9 59,0€
10 59,0€
Day pass 15 hours 75,0€
Pensionister Tilbud
Prices incl. VAT
Hire of fishing rod throughout the period 6,0€
hire of fishing rod + purchase of powerbait that works your fave 13,0€
learn to fish put and take 1 hour a technique 26,0€
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