Lake Detail

Uge Lystfiskeri
Opening Hours
Opening hours angling: The lakes are open round the clock for angling, all year round. If reception/ kiosk are close, you can use the vending machines. You must buy a permit before proceeding down to the lakes.
3 attractive angling lakes + children’s lake
cove-ring a total of 14 hectares and situated
in lovely, peaceful surroundings. At
the lakes there are tables and benches.
Covered fish-cleaning faci-lity, and hire of barbecue
grill and freezer. From 01.03 til 01.11 trout put out
daily, then several times a week. Possibility of
catching eel and carp. Hire of 10 rooms/ballroom
and 20 chalets. Charlets located down by the lake.
Three-star campsite with all modern facilities. Shop,
living room and play area. Activities – just phone for
a programme, or visit our website.
Only 17 km to the German-Danish border.
Camping rates per day
Adults 10,30 €
Children 4,80 €
Dog 1,50 €
Electricity 4,80 €
We have three categories of chalet:
2-peron: 34,25 € per whole day
4-person: 61,65 € per whole day
6-person: 102,75 € per whole day.
With shower and toilet. Invalid-friendly for 4 persons
with shower and toilet, 102,75 € per whole
day. Electricity according to meter consumption,
0,50 €/KW.
The fishingprice for for visitors using accomodation
is 2,90 € pr. rod pr. hour.
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours 1 Stang/ 1 Rute/ 1 Rod (DKK/€)
2 t/s/h 80/10,95
3 t/s/h 105/14,40
5 t/s/h 150/20,55
10 t/s/h 260/35,60
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours 2 Stænger/ 2 Ruten/ 2 Rods (DKK/€)
2 t/s/h 130/17,80
3 t/s/h 170/23,30
5 t/s/h 245/33,55
10 t/s/h 410/56,15
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