Lake Detail

HP’s Fiskesø
Opening Hours
Opening hours “Summer” 1/03-31/11 6.00-22.00 “Winter” 1/12-28/02 Closed
Crystal-clear water, rich fauna and putting out of many different varieties of trout make the lake a great experience for every angler. The lake has been laid out in a reestablished 2.6 ha large gravel pit area and opened as an angling lake in 2003. The natural balance of the lake is given high priority and freshwater mussels and grass carp are put out. In autumn 2015 freshwater crayfish were also put out to help balance the level of stonewort. We place great emphasis on it being possible for everyone to ‘catch an experience’, so our toilet facilities, fishing jetty and surrounding area is invalidfriendly. The service building is equipped with a self-pay room with a cosy small seating area, vending machines with hot drinks, snacks and soft drinks as well as a modest selection of bait and tackle. There is a cleaning room with stainless steel tabletop and a fridge for your catch. Tables and separating huts with benches have been placed round the lake where you can seek shelter in bad weather. With a fine view of the lake and very close to the service building there is an octagonal visitors’ house with tables and benches for 20 people. The house can be reserved in advance. Fish are put out daily during the high season. In the lake it is possible to catch rainbow trout, brown trout, tiger trout, brook trout and char.
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK
2 timer/stunden/hours 80,-
3 timer/stunden/hours 100,-
4 timer/stunden/hours 110,-
5 timer/stunden/hours 130,-
6 timer/stunden/hours 150,-
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