Lake Detail

Hedensted Put & Take
Opening Hours
Opening hours: Every day all year round, from sunrise until sunset.
Five lovely lakes totalling 30,000 m² in a
beautiful area, well-protected from the
wind. Special children’s lake with a great
many small trout that give children up to
9 years of age a great chance of making a catch.
Attractive new facilities. Large steel cleaning units.
Vending machine with a good selection of tackle,
live worms, soft drinks and sweets. Toilets: 3 heated,
one of which is an invalid toilet. Babycare and
shower facilities. There are five pavilions, tables
and benches, a barbecue grill that may be used
free of charge and a play area. Fish are put out
daily. No limitations on catches. Good selection of
fishing tackle at Østjysk Våbenhandel A/S, Kildeparken
32, 2 km from the lakes. Hire of tastefully furnished
holiday homes and apartments.
How to get there
Turn off route 170 between Horsens and Vejle into
the northern part of Hedensted at the fish sign. After
100 m, turn right under route 170 at the Put
& Take sign.
Angling permits are bought at the vending machine
down by the lakes, or at Østjysk Våbenhandel
Concession – 20% for 10 rods. 30% for schools up
to and incl. Class 7. Company and family outings –
phone for an offer.
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK
1 time/stunde/hour 70,-
2 time/stunde/hour 100,-
3 time/stunde/hour 120,-
4 time/stunde/hour 140,-
6 time/stunde/hour 170,-
8 time/stunde/hour 200,-
10 stænger - 20 %
10 Ruten - 20 %
10 Rods - 20 %
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