Lake Detail

A lovely place for the whole family HVIRRING FISKESØ lies in a beautiful area with rustic scenery. The lakes have been laid out in a re-established gravel-pit area and they open in autumn 2014. The area covers roughly 5 ha. and consists of three lakes, one of 10,000 m², one of 5,000 m² and a smaller lake. Tables and benches have been set out around the lake. A hedgerow has been planted round the lakes that has started to grow and offer some shelter. There is a small service building where one can buy angling licences. There are also toilet facilities and a covered terrace (TRESSE?). In addition, there is an outdoor cleaning place. Rainbow trout between 1-4 kg are frequently put out in the lake. You are allowed to fish with fly, worm, spinner, spoon, maize, shrimps and powerbait. HVIRRING FISKESØ is a delightful spot for anglers, company excursions, school events and family trips. The lakes are open from sunrise to sunset. Closed, however, during December, January and February. You can pay with Mobilepay or cash.
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours DKK
2 t/s/h 100,-
3 t/s/h 120,-
4 t/s/h 140,-
5 t/s/h 160,-
6 t/s/h 180,-
10 t/s/h 270,-
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