Lake Detail

An idyllic excursion destination in Vejle Ådal – Spring-water angling with fine trout. The angling eldorado, with its 4 spring-water lakes in the river valley of Vej le Ådal, is the place where you can both enjoy exceptionally beautiful countryside – and sweep the cobwebs from your mind – and experiences fine, well-trimmed trout. Everything takes place in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, with both highquality facilities and service. If you want to launch an excursion with plenty of fun and festive catches, this angler’s paradise with its 4 lakes for hire is an exciting possibility. You can grill your food on two large mobile grills, or at one of the many smaller grills in the area. If you want to protect your excursion from bad weather, you can hire a party tent that can house up to 50 people. All four lakes can be rented separately, and are suitable for 25-100 persons. Angling and an afternoon nap to the sound of murmuring spring-water. There is nothing like enjoying your angling in peace and quiet, in the full knowledge that you do not have to return home the same day. Our rustic log cabins of 20 m² are sure to give your excursion a pioneer feel. They do not have a shower! Bring your own bedlinen. Your permit is personal and must be shown on demand.
Priser/ Preise/ Prices 1 Stang/ 1 Rute/ 1 Rod
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours DKK/€
2 t/s/h 100/13,50
3 t/s/h 110/15,00
4 t/s/h 130/17,50
5 t/s/h 150/20,50
6 t/s/h 170/23,00
Tillægstimer/ Zusätzliche Stunden/ Extra Hours 55/7,50
Dagkort/ Tageskarte/ Day Permit 250/35,00
Priser/ Preise/ Prices 2 Stang/ 2 Rute/ 2 Rod
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours DKK/€
2 t/s/h 180/25,00
3 t/s/h 190/25,50
4 t/s/h 240/32,00
5 t/s/h 280/37,50
6 t/s/h 310/41,50
Tillægstimer/ Zusätzliche Stunden/ Extra Hours 100/14,50
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day Permit 460/61,50
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