Lake Detail

Djurs Fiskepark
Opening Hours
Opening hours: All year round, from sunrise until sunset. Closed if the lake freezes over.
Djurs Fiskepark is located in the former trout pond farm area in Fannerup. In the re-established beautiful river valley two large lakes have been laid out as well as a smaller children’s lake, covering a total area of more than 10,000 m². Tables and benches, with litter bins, have been set up round the lakes. In the service buildings there are a fish-cleaning facility, toilet and tackle shop. Healthy rainbow trout between 1 kg and 8 kg are put out regularly. Always plenty of fish – No limitations on catches! Ideal for fly fishing. Primitive overnight accommodation possible. How to get there From Århus/Ebeltoft take route 15. Turn left in Trustrup towards Fannerup. From Randers Take route 16. Turn right in Ørum towards Fannerup. In the children’s lake max. 2 fish, after which you must fish in the large lakes. Large groups – phone for an offer. GPS coordinates: Longitude: 10.7107 - Latitude: 56.3997
Priser/Preise/Prices pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod Voksen/ Erwachsene/ Adults
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours DKK/€
2 t/s/h 100/14
3 t/s/h 130/19
4 t/s/h 160/23
5 t/s/h 190/27
6 t/s/h 220/31
7 t/s/h 250/35
8 t/s/h 280/39
Priser/Preise/Prices pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod U.12 år/ U.12 Jahre/ U.12 Years
Timer/ Stunden/ Hours DKK/€
2 t/s/h 70/10
3 t/s/h 90/13
4 t/s/h 110/16
5 t/s/h 130/19
6 t/s/h 150/22
7 t/s/h 170/25
8 t/s/h 190/28
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