Lake Detail

Nørreris Put and Take
Opening Hours
The lakes are open all year from sunrise to one hour after sunset. In the winter, the ice situation can be followed on our website.
Nørreris Put & Take is situated in a particularly
lovely area in beautiful South Himmerland. There is
a view of Hjarbæk fjord only 600 metres away as
well as woodland, meadowland and a golf course.
The area covers about 4 hectares and consists of 3 lakes that
cover a total of approx. 14,800 m2. Since there is no vegetation
close to the lakes and the grass is mown regularly, the
lakes are ideal for fly fishing. Grass carp are put out to control
the vegetation in the lakes as well as mussels to clean
the water.
It is a family-friendly site, with plenty of tables, benches and
shelters where you can eat. A fridge, grills and smoke oven
may be used free of charge. The parking area, payment
hut, fish-cleaning facility and heated invalid toilet lie close
together near the lakes. It is possible to drive a car and park
round the lakes, which are invalid-friendly as the shores are
mainly flat.
Fish are put out daily during the season. In the small lake,
where children under twelve can fish at reduced prices, an
extra large number of small rainbow trout are put out. In
the special angling lake there are gold trout and large rainbow
trout. Occasionally, brook trout, salmon, tiger-trout,
brødding (a cross between char and brook trout) and char
are also put out. In the large lake, we put out 1-3 kg trout.
Nørreris Put&Take is an ideal destination for family outings,
school events and company excursions. We have a pavilion
where there can be up to 70 persons. It can be used free of
charge if you fish at the lakes. The pavilion can also be rented
for special events, for which we can also offer catering,
e.g. whole-roasted sucking pig. You are welcome to send a
mail to for information about rates, available
dates, etc.
Priser/Preise/Prices - 1 Stang/1 Rute/1 Rod
Timer/Stunden/Hours DKK/€
2 t/s/h 100/14
3 t/s/h 120/16
4 t/s/h 140/19
5 t/s/h 160/22
6 t/s/h 180/24
Tillægstimer/Zusätzliche Stunden/Extra Hours 25/4
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day Permit 240/32
Priser/Preise/Prices - 2 Stang/2 Rute/2 Rod
Timer/Stunden/Hours DKK/€
2 t/s/h 150/20
3 t/s/h 180/24
4 t/s/h 210/28
5 t/s/h 240/32
6 t/s/h 270/36
Tillægstimer/Zusätzliche Stunden/Extra Hours 40/6
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day Permit 360/48
Priser/Preise/Prices - U.12 år/U.12 Jahre/U.12 Years
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK/€
2 t/s/h 50/7
3 t/s/h 60/8
4 t/s/h 70/10
5 t/s/h 80/12
6 t/s/h 90/13
Tillægstimer/Zusätzliche Stunden/Extra Hours 15/2
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day Permit 120/16
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