Lake Detail

Tusaagaard Put & Take
Opening Hours
You are welcome to fish all days of the year, from sunrise until sunset. The kiosk is open as required.
Four lovely lakes and a river
Put on your old sweater and go on an
angling outing in the lovely river valley of
Karup Ådal. Here lies Tusaagaard Put and
Take, with four lakes covering a total of 16,000 m²
and a 900 metre-long river, Tusaa. We frequently
put out rainbow, river and brook trout from 1-11
kg – and you may well fulfil your dream of catching
a huge fish, especially in Storfangersø and
Tusaa. You may also be lucky enough to catch
tench, carp and eel.
Villa Ruth
If you feel like an angling or nature holiday, you
can rent the holiday home Villa Ruth, which has
a view out across fields and meadows down by
Karup Å – and lies Tusaagaard Put and Take. Villa
Ruth is 100 m², fully restored in 2006 and large
enough for 6-8 people.
Primitive tent site
If you like to spend your night in the open air, you
are most welcome to put up your tent down by
the lakes. You can make use of the following facilities:
toilet, running water, electri-city for a charge,
tables and benches, bonfire site.
Sø/See/Lake 1-2-3 - Priser/Preise/Prices
Sø/See/Lake 1-2-3 DKK
2 t/s/h 80
3 t/s/h 100
4 t/s/h 120
5 t/s/h 140
6 t/s/h 160
8 t/s/h 200
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day Permit 270
Sø/See/Lake 1-2-3 Familiekort/Familiekarte/Familycard
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK
2 t/s/h 200
3 t/s/h 250
4 t/s/h 300
5 t/s/h 350
6 t/s/h 400
8 t/s/h 500
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day Permit 600
Storfangersø og Tusaa/ Großfängersee und Tusaa
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK
3 t/s/h 125
4 t/s/h 150
5 t/s/h 175
6 t/s/h 200
8 t/s/h 250
Dagkort/Tageskarte/Day permit 350
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