Lake Detail

Bjerrely Fiskesø is Denmark’s first green
angling lake with organic quality trout
from approved Danish organic fish farms.
The keywords are: Ecology, Nature, Fish
Well-Being, Environment – and an experience for
the whole family. A unique nature experience
with a good conscience for all those involved.
The lake is one of the most beautifully situated
in Denmark, with deciduous and conifer woods
around sanded walking trails. There are many
platforms from which one can fish. The lake is
approx. 22,000 m2 and 6-8 metres deep. There
is a natural inflow of water from subterranean
springs, so the lake is incredibly clean and the fish
taste fantastic. At the lake you will find a barbecue
area, fine toilet facilities and a service building
in a form of a cosy log cabin. Vending machine
with worms, powerbait, tackle, soft drinks, etc.
You can spend the night in an apartment, your
own tent or caravan. You can buy fresh organic
trout for Kr. 60/ kg. Also try digging for your own
earthworms in the organic worm compound!
Fish – Fine organic rainbow trout from Danish organic
fish farms. Fish put out several times a week.
Bjerrely Angling Lake has received two environmental
awards. For thinking in terms of sustainable
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pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK/€
2 timer/stunden/hours 100/14
3 timer/stunden/hours 130/18
4 timer/stunden/hours 160/22
6 timer/stunden/hours 220/30
8 timer/stunden/hours 280/38
Børn/Kinder/Children - Halv pris/Halber Preis/Half Price
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK/€
Fiskestang leje/Vermietung von Angelruten/Hire of fishing rod 50/7
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