Lake Detail

In the lovely dunes of Holmsland Klit, between Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea, you will find Klegod Fiskesø (5 km north of Hvide Sande). In two lakes over 12,000 m² you will surely have a great angling experience. We set out rainbow trout – and with Holmslands Klit as your panoramic backdrop you are sure of a rich nature experience all year round. The trout are set out on the basis of angling permits sold, so you are guaranteed a great chance of making a catch. Enjoy your day at Klegod Fiskesø. Round the lake there are tables, benches and good shelter. In the anglers’ house we have a newly furnished living room as well as a covered terrace, with toilets for ladies, gents and disabled. We have good cleaning facilities, and a worm and tackle vending machine as well as a money changing machine. Play area and barbecue facilities. Angling permits can be bought from the vending machine – pay with Kr. 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 coins (or € coins and banknotes). The lakes and surroundings are ideal for school, company and family outings. Phone us for a favourable group concession.
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK/€
2 timer/stunden/hours 90/13
4 timer/stunden/hours 150/20
6 timer/stunden/hours 210/30
10 timer/stunden/hours 330/45
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