Danish freshwater fish farms

When you catch a trout in a Danish angling lake, it has most often come from a Danish freshwater fish farm. This is your guarantee that production has taken place with every consideration being shown to both the fish and the environment.

Danish fish farms are among the world’s leading producers of very high-quality trout. There are several explanations for this: Danish fish farms mainly produce the legendary rainbow trout, which originally comes from North America. And then Danish fish farmers have many years of considerable experience at breeding good, healthy fish in a considerate way.

In terms of production, Danish fish farmers are subject to the most restrictive legislation in the world. This means that Danish fish farmers are constantly seeking to reduce negative impact on the environment even further. Their efforts have put the industry in pole position among colleagues around the world.

The extremely high quality of good, healthy trout produced in an ecofriendly way has also resulted in the trout not only being in demand for Danish angling lakes. German angling lakes buy a considerable amount of Danish trout production.

Danish fish farming also to a great extent provides trout to be put out in Danish watercourses, in a close cooperation with local angling associations.

Did you know

  • That nutritionists recommend adults to eat 200-300 g fish a week
  • That the trout’s content of fish oils, D vitamins, iodine and selenium reduces the risk of car diovascular diseases, bone loss and metabolism disturbances
  • That in 2050, 80% of all edible fish in Europe is expected to come from aquaculture
  • That 80% of all Danish freshwater fish farms now live up to the objectives set by the authorities and politicians
  • That certain Danish fish farms have been approved for the production of fish with the Danish ecological Green Mark (Ø-mærke)
  • That apart from rainbow trout, other species are bred at a number of Danish freshwater fish farms, such as: river trout, brook trout, char, ‘brødding’ (a cross between brook trout and char) and golden trout
  • That the country’s approx. 300 fish farms produce over 30,000 tons of fish a year to a value of DKK 500 – employing 700 people full-time and exporting almost 90%?

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