Lake Detail

Lagunen Fiskepark
Opening Hours
Opening hours: The lake is open for angling round the clock
In the lovely area between Hals and Hou you will find one of the finest angling parks of North Jutland, where you can catch rainbow trout from 1 kg to 8 kg. Fish are put out daily during the season. The lake and its surroundings are extremely child- and invalid-friendly, and since there are a number of trees fringing the lake, there is no irritating wind, making the lake ideal for fly fishing. There are shelters round the lake. And a large, three-star campsite, restaurant and grocer’s shop within 150 m. Toilet/fish-cleaning facilities with water at the lake. In the shop the choosy angler can buy fishing tackle, live bait, sportswear, beverages, ice cream, etc. You can rent fishing equipment. How to get there: Take the road north at the roundabout in Hals (towards Sæby) following Strandvejen. After 6 km Lagunen Fiskepark is on your right-hand side. Overnight accommodation: Rent a log cabin down by the lake where four people can sleep.Per day (exc. el.) DKK 400; Weekend (Fri-Sun, excl. el. DKK 1000; Midweek (Mon-Fri, exc. el.) DKK 1,500. Weekend overnight stay: DKK 500 exc. el. Extra charge for electricity per day DKK 30, Shower/ toilet DKK 10. Rates do not include final cleaning. Final cleaning DKK 250. Contact: Anne Broberg Egebo Limitation on catch: max. 2 fish per rod per hour.
Leje af fiskestang ½ pris af fiskekort/Miete von Angelruten: ½ Preis der Angelkarte/Hire o
pr. stang/pro Rute/per rod DKK/€
1 time/stunde/hour 60/9
2 time/stunde/hour 80/12
4 time/stunde/hour 130/19
Dag/Tag/Day 06.00 - 18.00 200/29
Nat/Nacht/Night 20.00 - 06.00 200/29
Tillægstime/Zusätzliche Stunde/Extra hour 30/5
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